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dollomancy 101

Sometimes, the dreams tell me everything I need to know.   I've gotten very good at pulling apart the manifestations of my own subconscious, and those elements that the dolls put there.  I once read that we can only dream of places, of people we know in waking life.  Sometimes, I've wondered if this is true.  I have recurring dreams about houses I have never been in.  Landscapes I have never glimpsed. The people in them are familiar, but occasionally they are strangers.  Once the dolls began building their worlds while I slept, this increased ten-fold. As spirits, they are sometimes very talkative.  One doll, Maria,  spent several nights detailing a story about how much she liked spending time with her horse.  I would dream of running the brush over him, of feeding him carrots.  But every night for a week, the same scene.  So very real--the smells of the barn, the leather of the horses bit under my fingers.  Only after several days, did she reveal that she had fallen from that…

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